Fresh fruits and vegetables are grocery shopping essentials for a healthy diet

Keto Grocery Shopping

My number 1 tip for Shopping Keto is: drink a Perfect Porridge smoothie (you and the kids!) BEFORE you leave the house. This eliminates little grabby hands sneaking treats from the shelves and you caving into your chocolate cravings.  You simply wont be able to resist those carb loaded snacks if you shop hungry. 

Remember, keto is not about starving yourself.  We are not punishing your body for being the wrong shape or size.  We are nourishing it with wholefoods for health, wellbeing and mental clarity. 

My number 2 tip for Shopping Keto if you struggle with impulse buying is shopping online. Without peripheral stimulation and temptation it is easier to ignore unhealthy snackage.

My number 3 tip for Shopping Keto is get your produce at a local vege store.  Not only are you supporting a small business in your hood, 9/10 the fruit and veg is wayyyy cheaper and often better quality as it is hand picked.

Ketogenic low carb high fat grocery shopping coming out of shopping trolley fresh keto friendly produce vegetables and keto berries

The Keto Challenge Shopping List




Baby Spinach




Capsicum (green is lowest-carb)

Cauliflower (do not buy it riced, you need the whole thing)



Ginger root

Lemons / Lime


Melon (any)


NZ Garlic

Onion (2 white, 1 red)



Zoodles or Broccolli noodles if you can find them!


From The Chiller


Coconut Yoghurt or other plant-based low-carb yoghurt


Sour Cream

Cream Cheese

Creme Fraiche or Mascapone (optional)

Tasty Cheese



Meat, Poultry and Seafood

Fish: skin on fillets are best.  Any salmon, fatty fish or shellfish.  Shrimp, squid tubes or prawns - frozen is fine. Be wary of smoked as sugar is often used as to flavour.  Read the nutrition panel first.

Chicken: drums, wings, leg, thighs - anything bone in and skin on is best.  Other cuts are also ok just slightly less keto.  Avoid anything pre-marinaded. Whole roasted birds without stuffing or marinade.

Pork: prime not lean mince, belly, finger slices, shoulder, steak, loin, chop, fillet or any joint with the bone in is ideal.  Nitrate and chemical-free bacon; we like Hendersons. Sausages: Frank's Free Range, L'Authentique and Swiss Deli

Beef: prime not lean mince, brisket for slow cook, any steak fillet,

Lamb: prime not lean mince, chops, racks, shanks, leg roast or butterflied.  Avoid marinated cuts.  

Keto grocery shopping with Keto Happy Co shopping list on her phone, woman shops in supermarket looking at oils, herbs and spices

Herbs & Spices:

All Spice

Basil (fresh or dry)

Chinese 5 Spice



Lemon Pepper

Lemongrass (fresh, frozen or dried)



Paprika, Sweet and Smoked

Parsley (fresh or dry)

Pepper (white and black) 

Rosemary (fresh or dry)

Star Anise



Other items:

Nuts: almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, pecans, walnuts

Seeds: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, 

Almond or Peanut Butter

Coconut Milk

Coconut Oil

Chia Seeds

Cocoa or Cacao or Lindt 95%

Olive Oil


Sesame Oil 

Sweetener of your choice


This is a pretty complete list of the core ingredients I will be cooking with.  You absolutely do not have to buy it all at once - we are a hungry family of four so our quantities will vary compared to yours.  If you have any questions or recipe requests, please flick me a reply email and I will be happy to help you out!


Note: If you 120% do not trust yourself to make any shopping decisions during the keto challenge then I encourage you to use Hello Fresh.  I can easily show you how to keto-fy their recipes and the portions are big enough to make a hot dinner and lunch the next day.  You can use my discount code KATY90 for $90 of your first 4 boxes here: 

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