Keto Lemon Celebration Cake

Keto Lemon Celebration Cake

Caker's Delight Keto Lemon Celebration Cake by Keto Happy Co with packets of Caker's Delight, keto monkfruit sweetener called Sweetest Ding, a lemon , a knife and a white teatowel

With Father's Day just a few days after the launch of Caker's Delight, we wanted to whip up something extra special for Ben this year.  He is the most exceptional Father to our boys and number 1 taste tester of every Keto Happy Co. recipe - he needed a surprise!


We didn't stray too far from the recipe on the back of the packet.  We just added in some lemon zest, lemon juice and lemon curd and suddenly the vanilla bean cake was transformed into:


Keto Lemon Celebration Cake



For the Cake

1 packet of Caker's Delight

1 cup of water

1/2 cup of oil 

1 lemon, zest (keep the juice for the lemon curd and Italian Buttercream)

4 large eggs

2 tsp vanilla essence / paste 


** You will use 1/4 cup of lemon juice and the leftover egg whites from the Quick Keto Lemon Curd to make the Italian Buttercream recipe card that ships with your order of Caker's Delight.**


For Quick Keto Lemon Curd 

6 large eggs, 3 of them separated - use the yolks only (keep whites for buttercream)

150g melted butter

1-2 lemons, zest and juice (totally up to you how zingy you like it!) 

3/4 cup of Sweetest Ding 

Whisk all the ingredients together.  Microwave for 1-1.30 at a time, whisking in between.  Don't worry if it gets too cooked on the outer rim, you can always bring it back together with an immersion stick mixer or in a ninja. 



1.  Turn oven to 170 and line 2 x 20cm square tins

2.  Mix all the cake ingredients except the lemon juice - put that aside for the curd/buttercream - with a hand whisk

3.  Pour cake batter into cake tins and place in the centre of the oven

4.  While the cake is baking, prepare your Italian Buttercream as per the recipe card instructions, substituting the 1/4c water for 1/4c lemon juice

5.  While the cake is baking, prepare your Quick Keto Lemon Curd

6.  When the cake has doubled in volume and looks evenly golden brown on top, check it is cooked through with a skewer before removing from the oven

7.  Allow to cool in the tin before handling cake to ice and decorate

8.  When cake is cool, pipe a 2cm border around the inside edge of one cake. 

9.  Fill in the centre of the buttercream wall with lemon curd.

10.  Place the second cake on top.

11.  Pipe a 2cm border around the edges of the square.

12.  Fill inside the buttercream border with lemon curd.

13.  Use remaining buttercream to ice the sides of the cake.

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