Keto Lemon Syrup Cake made with Keto Happy Co Perfect Porridge as a gluten-free ketogenic substitute for flour

Lemon Syrup Cake


Keto Lemon Syrup Cake made with Keto Happy Co Perfect Porridge as a glutenfree ketogenic substitute for flour

I love lemon.  For me there is simply nothing better than the tang of fresh lemon syrup cake.  Luscious and moist, warm from the oven,  Simple. Clean. Moreish. Easy peasy - you guessed it - lemon squeezey!

You can pull this together with minimal ingredients and fuss.  No need for fancy equipment, this works beautifully hand mixed.  One bowl in, one cake tin out.  It basically ices itself! Very little clean up.  What could be better?



200g butter (soft)

3/4 cup sour cream

1 1/2 cups sweetener

4 eggs

1 lemon rind

1 1/2 cups Perfect Porridge

1 1/2 tsp baking powder



1/4 cup sweetener

Juice of 1 lemon



Turn oven to 160 and line cake tin.  Cream the liquids together then fold through the Perfect Porridge and baking powder. Bake for 1hour or until the middle has stopped jiggling and a skewer comes out clean. 

While the cake is baking, heat the lemon juice and sweetener either in the microwave in 30 second blasts or low heat stovetop until the sweetener has dissolved. 

Pour syrup over the cake whilst hot, fresh out of the oven, paying special sttention to the outside of the cake, rather than the middle.  Dust with icing sugar and crumbled freeze dried raspberries to serve.  Enjoy!




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