Today is Photo Day

Keto before and after ketogenic transformation photo of lady with measuring tape around her waist before and after weight loss

Welcome to the Keto Happy Co. challenge!  Your transformation starts now!  We are so excited you have committed to yourself and self-care in 2021.

Know that this is just beginning of your journey and hold firm in your mind what you want to get out of keto.  Feeling that itch of anticipation helps keep you goals closer and closer to becoming reality.

Everyone loves looking at before and afters and there is nothing more motivating than tracking your own changes.  Here is how to make sure your before and afters have that WOW factor.

During the entire Keto Challenge we want you to take a progress photo every day.  Morning is best so you don't have any fluctuations from undigested food and drink.  Also lighting is better - lol!

Tips for taking a good before and after photo:

1. Wear the same clothes in every shot

2. Take photos at the same time every day

3. Keep the background plain and uncluttered

4. Stand in the same spot each time

5. Take a variety of poses, same each time


Some days are going to feel harder than others, you wont be able to see the changes day to day.  Move those pictures to a separate folder so you aren't confronted with where you are right now.  We want to focus on where we want to be and make a clear road map to success.  Don't worry about that part, that's where we come in!


We recommend you don't even make a comparison until the end of the first week.  By week 2 you should be able to notice some real gains.  At the end of the month you will be amazed at how much you have changed.  Don't worry, we will be doing this along side you every step of the way.  If you have any questions at all, flick us a message or reach out to us on social.  We are always happy to help. See you tomorrow on Day 1!