About Us

 Our son Eddy was born premature with multiple medical conditions when I was living as an expat in Thailand.  Eddy was in and out of hospital, living on a diet of antibiotics for symptoms that never seemed to go away.  His paediatric Ear Nose and Throat surgeon asked if he ate "typical western food" for breakfast? Did Eddy eat toast, cereal, orange juice first thing in the morning? 
He said these were the worst possible fuel for his inflammation.  High in sugar, processed carbohydrates, high glycemic index with no protein or dietary fibre for sustained energy throughout the day.  He recommended we switch white bread for seeded, cereal for porridge, jams for fresh berries, and lean into Asian greens.  By making a few simple tweaks to his diet, we were able to transform Eddy's wellness in a few days.
When Eddy was diagnosed with epilepsy at 2, the ketogenic diet was put forth after the first few anti-epileptic drugs did not have the desired effect.  The evidence base for the ketogenic diet was very compelling.  Within 24hs of trying keto we noticed behavioural improvements in his concentration and focus. 
To keep him in ketosis, I knew I had to create the perfect keto breakfast to set him up for future success.  I wanted to incorporate what I had learned about wellness and nutrition during my years living in Asia and combine it with best in premium ingredients I could source in New Zealand. 
Once I had the master mix I found I could make it into just about anything I wanted; pancakes, brownies, mug cakes, curry pastes or keto fried chicken!   With a different savoury mix for bread rolls I had down pat and both these in my pantry I had access to 100s of meals in minutes without measuring macros.
Keto Happy Co gives everyone the unstoppable confidence to start their keto journey and achieve their health goals.  We offer the onboarding support and supplies you need to kickstart ketosis and stay on track no matter what life throws at you. 
You don't need to be keto to benefit from eating our delicious keto food!  Every Keto Happy Co. premix offers a vegan, low-carb, gluten-free blend of plant protein with an excellent source of fibre.  It's ideal for anyone with gluten, dairy, carbohydrate or sugar intolerances looking for a simple nutritious addition to their pantry staples.
Our full sized Keto Happy pouches are compostable and our samples are recyclable simply because we couldn't source a compostable option at the time we went into production. Future packaging we hope will offer a reusable and refillable option to safeguard the world our children grow up in.  Our commitment to making life easier for keto kids means reducing waste as much as possible.  A zero waste keto cookbook is coming this year!