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Caker’s Delight

Caker’s Delight

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First 30 orders come with free cake decorating tools! Caker’s Delight is every keto baker’s dream come true! 0.7g carbs per serving and only 30calories per slice!  Light, fluffy, moist one-step wonder, no machinery required!  It’s a hand mix, one bowl work of wonder.

If you have a keto birthday or special occasion attended by gluten-free, diabetic, coeliac or dairy-free guests, wow them with a cake you would never know is healthy! For flawless results, add 2 eggs, a bit of water, oil and you have the 2 or 3 tiered keto cake of your dreams!

”My husband is a chef and even he couldn’t tell it was sugar-free!  He wanted seconds! And now you’re telling me it is dairy-free too?  I think you just converted us to keto!” Margaret D

”Omigod my flatmates would smash this!  It’s sweet and fluffy, tastes just like a store bought cake!  I can actually see us hitting this most nights.” Kennedy A

”This is really special.  Kids loved it, that chocolate cake is far out amazing” Serra P

Unlike other cake mixes which only makes one single layer cake, every pouch of Caker’s Delight contains enough for 2 x 20cm rounds, 3 x 17cm rounds, 6 x 15cm rounds, 24 cupcakes, 18 muffins or 40 pancakes! 

Don't be deceived by cheaper single boxes, one pouch of Caker's Delight contains twice as much cake as competitor products without sugar, wheat, maltitol, dextrose, maltodextrin, sorbitol, saccharin,  aspartame, acelsulphame potassium, any artifical sweetener, filler, or preservative.  

Every packet comes with 3 recipes on the back and ships with a seasonal recipe card.


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