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Keto Challenge 2.0 Pack

Keto Challenge 2.0 Pack

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Keto Challenge Pack 2.0 contains:

2 x Recipe Booklets with 72 autumnal keto recipes, meal planners + shopping list

2 x Full-Size Daily Bread

1 x Full-Size Perfect Porridge

1 x Full-Size Taste of Teriyaki

1 x Sweetest Ding Sample (equivalent to 250gm sugar)

2 printed booklets containing 72 new autumnal low-calorie, low-carb recipes, 2 weeks meal planner with full grocery shopping lists, macronutrient breakdown, prepped and printed for portable maximum results. 

PLUS our most popular recipe cards 💜

Taste of Teriyaki will last you for weeks after the challenge ends so you can continue to see great results with your new keto way of eating.  Sweetest Ding can replace any keto sweetener you have already tried, just remember to halve the amounts required.  You will want to cook these recipes again and again!

Enjoy 72 brand new never-seen-before keto recipes that are light on carbs and calories!   Check the macros and calories for every meal idea and click your brain into autopilot because we’ve done all the thinking for you.  Pocket-sized and portable, designed to travel with you on holiday and stay on track, even at the bach!

The easiest way to get amazing results in as little as 2 weeks:

✅ keto, plant-based and high protein recipes

✅ macros and calories counted for you

✅ 2 weeks of meals planner included

✅ 2 weeks of grocery shopping lists included

✅ pocket-sized booklets to take on trips away!

✅ most recipes 5 steps or less

✅ accessible ingredients, nothing exotic to buy

✅ low calorie, low carb desserts included!

✅ taste-tested, no boring meals here!

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