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Keto Happy Co.

Keto Happy Co. Starter Pack

Keto Happy Co. Starter Pack

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Our signature bundle includes 1 full-sized packet of Perfect Porridge and 1 full-sized pack of Daily Bread plus a sample of each: 3 bread rolls and 1 serve of porridge for keto on the run.  Perfect Porridge cooks in seconds. Creamy and delicious just like oatmeal except low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. Sweetened with all-natural monkfruit, not sugar.   

Daily Bread is an instant dough, no proving or leaving to rise!  Mix and bake as per the instructions and 1 hour later you will be pulling hot crusty artisanal bread rolls straight from the oven. 

FREE recipes on every bag + FREE regularly updated recipe cards sent with every order to make your keto cooking even easier (and tastier)! With recipes from chocolate brownie and peanut butter cookies to sweetcorn fritters and ham scrolls.

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