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Keto Happy Essentials Bundle

Keto Happy Essentials Bundle

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This bundle includes our three Keto Happy pantry essentials for anyone who's dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free or wants to enjoy their favourite keto foods with less hassle - free recipes on every bag!

This bundle includes:

  • Perfect Porridge - 4 recipes on the bag
  • Daily Bread - 1 loaf, 1 rolls, 1 wraps recipe on bag
  • Sweetest Ding - keto chocolate cake recipe on bag!

Perfect Porridge is so much more than just a porridge mix or oat meal substitute! It's the perfect ketogenic baking mix, less carbs than almond meal only 8.7g carbs per cup compared to wheat flour 200g carbs per cup!  It makes the fudgiest brownies, tastiest cakes and fluffy Sunday morning waffles (recipe is on the bag)!

Daily Bread is an instant keto & gluten free bread roll pre-mix ready to bake in minutes and pull hot from the oven 1 hour later.  No proving, kneading, rising or previous baking skills required! And it's only 1.7g carbs per serve!

Sweetest Ding is the monkfruit erithrytol sweetener you have been searching for!  It is twice as sweet as sugar which means you can halve the amount of sweetener in your baking which means less crystallisation, less laxative effects and no after-taste!

Finer than caster sugar and sweeter than refined sugars, Sweetest Ding was named after our disabled blind and diabetic dog Ding Ding.  This delicious sweetener melts in your mouth and with more of the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of monkfruit than other sweeteners!

FREE recipes on every bag + FREE regularly updated recipe cards sent with every order to make your keto cooking even easier (and tastier)! With recipes from chocolate brownie and peanut butter cookies to sweetcorn fritters and ham scrolls.

Need inspiration? Our accessible keto cookbook Simply Keto shows you how to use all these products in 100s of quick, creative ways to cook keto meals in minutes!

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