Keto Happy Co. Keto Sushi Making Kit includes seaweed sheets and accessories to make gluten-free, keto sushi at home
Teriyaki chicken sushi rolls made using Keto Happy Co Sushi Making Kit and Taste of Teriyaki Flavouring
Salmon and Avocado sushi rolls made using Keto Happy Co Sushi Making Kit
Keto Happy Co Sushi Making Kit and Seaweed sheets

Keto Sushi Making Kit

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Missing sushi?  Missing teriyaki chicken?  We got you!  Zero carbs inside!!! Inside each kit you get a sample of our delicious, authentic Taste of Teriyaki seasoning we developed whilst living in South East Asia and brought down under for you to enjoy!  Simply toss your chosen meat, fish or veg through before cooking.

You also receive a beautiful reusable bamboo Japanese sushi rolling mat and high-quality wooden chopsticks with your exclusive Keto Happy Co. recipe card that details exactly how to make flawless keto sushi rolls.  Each kit comes with 10 sheets of Yaki Nori seaweed, rich in iodine, no carbs or preservatives, perfect for your low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle.  Enough for 10 meals.

Make your own authentic sushi rolls at home with our complete keto sushi making kit - no carbs in our kits!  Everything you need to make sticky sweet teriyaki chicken california rolls, or salmon or vegetarian for the plant-based or beef for the carnivores. 


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