Keto Happy Co Perfect Porridge Triple Dip includes two full size packs and a single serve of Perfect Porridge.
Perfect Porridge Triple Dip bundle can be used to make ketogenic apple and blackberry muffins.  Recipe available on the blog
Banana Walnut Loaf made with Perfect Porridge
Perfect Porridge breakfast smoothies
Perfect Porridge Lime Cheesecake with Ginger base made with Perfect Porridge
Perfect Porridge Mugcake made with 1 tbsp cocoa, sweetener + 1 egg to 1 serve of Perfect Porridge

Perfect Porridge Triple Dip

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 BACK IN STOCK!!! Always keep 3 pouches of porridge in your pantry!  One for breakfasts and one for baking and one for the road! That way you never have to swap for a carb-loaded alternative if you run out.  The added bonus sample serving should tide you over until our next drop!

Did you know our Perfect Porridge is a low-carb 3:1 keto baking mix that you can straight swap measure for measure for wheat flour?  Except a cup of flour would have about 200g of carbs and 1 cup of Perfect Porridge only 8.7g carbs and 17.4g fibre! 

You can bake cakes, cookies, slices and every sweet treat imaginable - provided you keep a separate pouch just for your dessertish delights!