Keto Happy Co Sweetest Ding is the keto friendly, sugar free sweetener you've been looking for!
Sweetest Ding from Keto Happy Co has zero net carbs per serve, making it the perfect keto friendly sugar substitute!

Sweetest Ding

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Sweetest Ding is the monkfruit erithrytol sweetener you have been searching for!

Finer than caster sugar so you don’t need to mill it down to powder in baking. Sweetest Ding has most incredible melt in your mouth texture and delicate melon aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. Sweeter than sugar so you don’t get the crystallisation and cooling effects you usually experience with erithrytol sweetener, without the headachey smell of allulose or cloying liquorice taste of thaumatin.  

It also means it is gentler on your stomach with less of the laxative effects than traditional keto sweeteners. And you need less sweetener in your morning coffee.  Saving the planet on packaging and saving you money!  

500gm of Sweetest Ding is more like 1 or 2kg of whatever you are currently using.  Dip your finger in your current sweetener, then do the same with Sweetest Ding.  We guarantee you will be impressed with a side by side comparison!