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Taste of Teriyaki

Taste of Teriyaki

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Taste of Teriyaki is you new keto meal maker in a minute!  Use it to marinade meats or season your veggies to elevate your dishes from keto to delicious!  

Most Teriyaki Sauce sachets are single use, wasteful and expensive at $5 per sachet or $10 bottle.  Ours is economic, kind to your wallet and our environment.  Less packaging = less waste.

If you tried our previous Taste of Teriyaki sauce kits, this will blow your socks off!  More than twice the flavour in half the serving size. Transform your Daily Bread crumbed katsu pork with a truly ketogenic and absolutely delicious sauce that you will lick the plate clean!

✅ 25 servings per pack instead of 10

✅ sweetener with our signature blend Sweetest Ding

✅ gluten-free, dairy-free, NON GMO

✅ no preservatives or additives

✅ twice as much flavour, half the serving size!

✅ diabetic and coeliac friendly

FREE recipes on every bag ! Get our Keto Sushi Recipe Card inside our Keto Sushi Making Kit!

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