• "I started 2 weeks ago... a massive 2.3kgs lost! I'm mind blown! Being a single, working full-time, studying law part-time mum this challenge has changed my life!"

    - Sarah (2 week challenge)

  • "I always reach for your produts, the add a better flavour & texture! I used to buy a packet of Almond Meal every week... but it's a thing of the past now!"

    - Chelsea

  • "I loved the recipes on the challenge... I have lost 4kgs [in 2 weeks]. This challenge has definetly made me see keto in a different light!"

    - Glencora (2 week challenge winner)

  • "This is the yummiest porridge! I've had it for breakfast twice and already its my fave"

    - Charlotte A

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Baking Bundles

  • "I've lost 3kgs already! No bloating, better sleep, more energy!"

    - Jana (2 week challenge)

  • "The porridge is my absolute favourite thing ever! Makes me actually excited to get up and have breakfast"

    - Emma

  • "I have down two and a half weeks of keto and lost about 3.5kgs and the pain in my arm has reduced!

    - Kerri (2 week challenge)

  • "We made the ham and cheese scrolls today [using Daily Bread]. LOVVVVVED THEM! My husband was even raving and he is SO fussy!

    - Sarah A.

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  • "Perfect Porridge... is the most delicious breakfast I've ever had!! Thank you so much! Keto changed my life!"

    - Sarah P

  • "This is literally the best keto products I've ever brought and I'm not just saying that! Often with keto alternatives I'm left feeling dissapointed! So glad I found your products! "

    - @going.keto.nz

  • "I have bursitis in my hip and that hasn't been sore at all since being back on track [with keto]"

    - Jennifer W

  • "At the end of the 2 weeks I am sleeping better, feel better nourished, increased energy & improved mental health. Having the tools to make positive changes is absolutely priceless!"

    - Natalie (2 week challenge)

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Keto Happy Co Daily Bread Low Calorie Loaf and Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, low carb and diabetic friendly breadcrumb and flour replacement

Start your journey today

We want to make the transition to a ketogenic lifestyle as easy as possible for you. The instructions on the back of each packet take only 5 simple steps.

You don't need any expertise in the kitchen or keto know-how. You can follow our instructions or get creative using Perfect Porridge as a 3:1 keto baking mix for cookies and cakes.

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