• "The Mug Cake & Luxe Nuts are amazing!!! I've lost 8kg now since being Keto and my confidence is slowly going up!"

    - Abby

  • "I've lost 6kg in the past 3 weeks which is awesome! This is definitely a lifestyle change that I can stick too with no problems!"

    - Elesia (Spring Wellness Challenge)

  • "I feel better mentally, I'm sleeping better, way less bloated, my endometriosis symptoms are reduced and, although this wasn't about weight loss, I am 3kg down!

    - Jess V (Spring Wellness Challenge WINNER)

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  • "I always reach for your produts, the add a better flavour & texture! I used to buy a packet of Almond Meal every week... but it's a thing of the past now!"

    - Chelsea

  • "I started 2 weeks ago... a massive 2.3kgs lost! I'm mind blown! Being a single, working full-time, studying law part-time mum this challenge has changed my life!"

    - Sarah (Summer challenge)

  • "I loved the recipes on the challenge... I have lost 4kgs [in 2 weeks]. This challenge has definetly made me see keto in a different light!"

    - Glencora (Summer Challenge 2022 WINNER)

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Baking Bundles

  • "We made the ham and cheese scrolls today [using Daily Bread]. LOVVVVVED THEM! My husband was even raving and he is SO fussy!

    - Sarah A.

  • "I've lost 3kgs already! No bloating, better sleep, more energy!"

    - Jana (2 week Summer challenge)

  • "The porridge is my absolute favourite thing ever! Makes me actually excited to get up and have breakfast"

    - Emma

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Keto Happy Co Daily Bread in the foreground. In the background Katy is baking a loaf of Low Calorie and Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, low carb and diabetic friendly bread.

Our Kaupapa:

Every purchase allows us to support disability whanau with a medical need for our plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO ketogenic mixes with access to free keto food and free keto recipe books.

Our packaging and recipe cards are compostable. We firmly believe the best kind of ketogenic food comes from renewable, sustainable, nonGMO plants.

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  • "Perfect Porridge... is the most delicious breakfast I've ever had!! Thank you so much! Keto changed my life!"

    - Sarah P

  • "This is literally the best keto products I've ever brought and I'm not just saying that! Often with keto alternatives I'm left feeling dissapointed! So glad I found your products! "

    - @going.keto.nz

  • "I have bursitis in my hip and that hasn't been sore at all since being back on track [with keto]"

    - Jennifer W

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